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AAED is advocating for:

A Secure Path for EB-5 Investors

Protections for Investors and their Families

Investors and their children pursuing higher education and improved living standards in the U.S. should not be aged out of the program or forced to wait years to begin their American dream due to administrative backlogs. Investors with an approved I-526 applications should receive a work permit and entry visa while they wait for their EB-5 visa to materialize, and their child’s age should be frozen so they are not aged out of the program.

Allow Pending Status Investors to Reside in the United States

EB-5 investors with approved I-526 applications should be able to obtain a work permit and entry permit in the U.S. after they have made their investment and as they continue to wait for the visa number to materialize.

Once an EB-5 investor has made the necessary investment in a commercial enterprise and fulfilled the job creation requirement of the program with their investment, his/her green card adjudication should not be influenced by any material change in the project.  

Only Count Principled Applications in the EB-Quota Calculation

An Increase to the Annual EB-5 Quota

The principal investor should be the sole individual counted towards the EB-5 quota, including family members and other non-investors stalls investment and job-creation.  

To increase the flow of investment and fuel job-creation in the United States, we must increase the annual EB-5 Quota.

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are helping to connect American communities

EB-5 investments

"The whole intent of the program is to attract foreign capital that makes job-creating investments, investments that create significant jobs"


City Center CEO

Allentown, Pennsylvania

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